History of Dance

Throughout this website, you will find the history and narratives of three of the most influential forms of dancing in today's society.  Whether it be an Irish Riverdance show, hula dancing for interested tourists, or the popular American swing dance, these dances all have the creativity of an ancient culture and bring together audiences everywhere.

Irish Riverdance

Irish Riverdance is an over-the-top show consisting of Irish dancing step dancing, with the use of rapid leg movement, with legs and upper body remaining relatively stiff.

Swing Dance

Swing dance is a challenging dance invented to put even the most talented dancer to the test.  Swing is an energetic dance that requires an almost gymnastic type of skill.  Invented in the 1920's, swing did not catch on until the early 1930's.  Not everyone was excited about the introduction of this new form of dance.

Hula Dancing

Hula dancing was a form of dance developed in the Hawaiian Islands by a group of people known as the Polynesians who had originally settled there. Hula dancing is also the essence and spirit of Hawaii. Initially it was treated as a sacred ritual but slowly was changed into a form of entertainment.

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